Hailey Bieber on Selena Gomez: “I feel less”


Last week, one of the couples more media in the entertainment industry and the showbiz, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, they decided to premiere his own show through Facebook, which runs under the name of ‘The Biebers on Watch’ and has the goal of putting the day to their followers during what happens to them in this period of confinement due to the coronavirus outbreak.

And is that, is just one of the last episodes that he has been giving what to talk about, because the model finally broke the silence and proclaimed about the comparisons that he made with the ex-partner of the canadian, between them; Selena Gomez, pointing out that such comments only make you feel insecure in your relationship which gives as a result that they see themselves as “less woman”.

“I think that when someone has so much to say, or goes to such lengths to make others feel worse, is because in the background what is going wrong. It helps Me to remember that these people are probably dealing with their own problems”, continued Ms. Bieber, “There is nothing simple about the truth. Justin knows that to me it is very hard for the things that people are saying and the way in which will always make comparisons… In that sense, they have made me feel less of a woman”revealed the wife of the interpreter ‘One less lonely girl‘.

Justin defends Hailey comparisons with Selena Gomez

By his side, Justin Bieber took the opportunity to defend his wife, stating that, without a doubt, she is the best thing that has happened to him. “People think they know, they invent details that aren’t even true. There are many things that I needed to work. Insecurities that I didn’t even realize I had until I decided to spend my life with you.” he noted the canadian.

Also, talked about how Hailey has helped you to overcome these insecurities, “I realize that there were many things, blind spots in my life that I never knew I had. It was very difficult to work on those things, but I think that, when you choose to look at them, in reality, I feel that now that I’ve worked on a lot of those things, you and I are closer than ever” said Bieber.