Halsey announces the date for the premiere of his collaboration with Suga


A couple of days ago, Halsey we shared the tracklist his next album, “Manic”. Fans began to question many things, among those, the song number 13 entitled “SUGAs Interlude”to which the singer resorted to a live in Instagram to get to know what you all suspected, a al with Yoongi. YAAASSS!

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The disc is scheduled for release in the month of February 2020but the girlfriend of the actor, Evan Peters, has released a press release in which ensures that the next Friday, two of his songs will be premiered. “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” and “SUGAS Interlude”. We’ll be listening to this incredible match in just a few hours. Omgggg!

Both fans Halseyas the fans of BTShave been shown excited by the news and the next premiere. Still do not know what type of rhythm you have, but by the words of the interpreter “Without me”, Yoongi it fits perfectly with the style of “Manic”.

I’m going to throw two songs from “Manic” on Friday. “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” and “SUGAS Interlude”. Two very different songs. Two stories are very dreamy.

Remember that next Friday,
Halsey and Suga you have an incredible musical surprise, we recommend you to be aware of the news in
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