Halsey received death threats for his presentation on “The Voice”


Halsey has been confronted from the beginning in your career on the open that is with his bisexuality and the way that this part of their identity is part of their live acts, but it seems that one caused the anger enough to be the target of death threats.

The singer and songwriter recently confessed to The Times his performance 2018 for the end the talent show “The Voice” caused him to receive a tidal wave of messages homophobic and threats of death and rape by act together with a dancer.

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“People said: ‘What is this rubbish lesbian on my television?’. My phone number was leaked, my e-mail was leaked. People sent me text messages as ‘I’m going to violate directly‘. Things heinous”.

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There are performances of other artists who are much more sexual

The presentation in question shows to Halsey sharing a choreography to the side of the dancer Jade Chynoweth for your simple ‘Without Me’.

“However, what is important is the young people sitting on the couch next to this father angry, the mother angry, listening to them spew hatred. The child who is afraid of leaving you need to see that on tv,” said the artist.

On the other hand, Halsey prepares for the release of their third album “MANIC” the January 17, 2020.