Halsey returns the slap to the people who criticized their outfits for SNL


Halsey addressed to the critics that the ashamed and told him he should wear more clothes after his performance on SNL.

At the end of last week, January 25, Adam Driver he was host of Saturday Night Live, and Halsey was the guest musical. Halsey starred with Adam in a couple of skits (‘Slow’ and ‘Cheerleading Show’) and interpreted “You Should Be Sad” and “Finally // beautiful stranger” (their last singles). The star of 25 years of age is currently in the middle of promoting his new album Manic.

The appearance of Halsey was greeted predominantly with praise from fans and critics alike. However, it caused a controversy unjustified, as certain viewers turned to Twitter to complain about the attire of Halsey. Now, she has responded:

During the show, Halsey interpreted ‘You should be sad’ with a look of embellished corset and the people complained that her outfit was inappropriate. A person said in a tweet the following: “Looking at @halsey on #SNL and I am so confused… what is Pop, Country or Porn?” and another wrote: “why do some singers feel that they need to dress like that? The talent should be the main thing”.

Essentially, the people shamed Halsey to act with the clothes that she wanted to use.

For her part, Halsey turned to the stories of Instagram to make fun of all the critics. Halsey shared a photo of his performance ‘You Should Be Sad’ and he wrote: “I have good news for all those who thought they should “put some more clothes” for my performance from SNL!” Then he added: “For my second action, I did it!”, with a photo to prove it.

You can find them both on YouTube! Enjoy, he said.