Halsey reveals how it was that he broke his ankle


The singer originally from New Jersey showed through their social networks that he had hurt one of his feet, but it was recently that Halsey he confessed what activities to quarantine the led to get a ankle fracture.

Halsey met in line with Capital FM for a interviewbut the drivers of the public broadcaster announced that, before you begin with the talk they wanted to ask him what had happened to him in the foot.

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In the face of this questioning, Halsey he indicated that he was in the house trying to fill your dishwasher when the accident occurred, the floor of his kitchen was wet so I could not avoid the injury.

The girl found it funny that while I was on tour suffered no incident but on the other hand, staying at home, I end up with a broken ankle. Fortunately Halsey you will have a free season to recover from your injury before you return to your normal activities.

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Have a look here at a snippet of the conversation where Halsey he explains his injury:

Recently, Halsey and other famous they expressed their support for Daechwita in social networks, showing the wide recognition that the music of Suga has been obtained.

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