Harvey Weinstein suggested to kill Jennifer Aniston for delatarlo


Justice finally has been put in place to Harvey Weinstein, who has been singled out for sexual abuse on multiple occasions, and although since he was convicted by the jury of New Yorkthe famous Hollywood producer is still on trial for know how much time you will spend in prison.

And that is, as the case Weinstein goes on, this becomes increasingly darksince you now have come to light a series of e-mails that do nothing more than highlight the kind of person misogynistic and violent, is Harvey, as in these the producer charges against the actress ‘Friends’, Jennifer Anistonso what is revealed by the portal Page Six.

According to the landmark new yorker, all arose because in 2017 the magazine Esquire planned to release an article about Aniston where she spoke of the sexual harassment he had received by Weinsteinwas at that moment when one of the people who work for the producer realized the facts and made them know through an e-mail. “Jennifer confessed to a friend that, in 2005 during the production of ‘Derailed’, Weinstein harassed her sexually, putting it against the wall while he touched the butt”, were the words of the email that you received Weinstein, to which he responded 45 minutes after having received it, “Jennifer Aniston should be killed”.

Jennifer Aniston on the case of Harvey Weinstein

It is worth mentioning that that article never came to light due to the publicist of Jennifer Aniston got in contact with Esquire to avoid publication of such informationbecause according to this, the subjects were false statements. “Jennifer never was harassed by Harvey Weinstein. Never had the opportunity to come near him too much to touch her, and never were alone”, said Stephen Huvane, a publicist of Aniston.

Although Huvane said that his client was never harassed by the producer, in an interview for Variety the actress, 51, revealed that, although Harvey is not harassed her sexually, it came to have behaviors that are questionabletherefore , during the dinner of the premiere of ‘Derailed’ it was sitting next to Clive Owen, who was also the protagonist of the tape, and one more friend; minutes after Weinstein came running to your friend so that he could dine at the side of Aniston. “Only showed the demand for such high levels of stupidity that I had with this dirty behavior “noted actress in 2019.