HBO Max: Today is the last day to order the service for$12



HBO Max offers suscriipciones with discount if you sign up prior to its release

HBO/Screenshot by Joan E. Solsman/CNET

Do you want to subscribe to HBO Max but also you’re looking to save some money on this new platform streaming? They have to sign up in the next few hours.

As part of their promotion for people to subscribe to the new rival Netflix and Disney Plus, at the beginning of may, HBO began to offer a discount for HBO’s Max, which reduced the price from$14.99 to$11.99 a month for a year (plus taxes). If not it looks like a great sale, US$36 less is the equivalent to having two and a half months free if you compare with the regular rate of HBO.

With HBO’s Max ready to start operations on Wednesday, may 27, the promotion ends on the 27th of may at 2:59 pm.m. Eastern time Usa (11:59 p. m. PT today in the evening), said HBO.

HBO says that the offer is available both to new customers as to existing customers of HBO Now, so if you already pay for HBO you can cancel that subscription, and opt in to the new HBO Max even with the same email address and payment information.

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For those who already pay for HBO Now, the offer is attractive and easy to adopt. You’ll be able to continue using HBO Now for the next day until HBO Max begins operations, at which time you will be promoted to HBO’s Max when it is available. If you receive the signal via an application, you’ll probably have to download the App of HBO, Max, and log in using the same user account.

Expansion of the offer of HBO, HBO Max it offers the same original series and movies, HBO regular, along with original series such as The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo and Love Life with Anna Kendrick of protagonists, movies that include the version of director Zack Synder of Justice League (in 2021), as well as repeticines of successful series such as Friends, The Big Bang Theory and Rick and Morty.