“Horror!”. Katy Perry caught without Photoshop with Orlando Bloom


Katy Perry

December 12, 2019
(14:17 CET)

To the expectation. It is as well as are the followers of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Fans of the couple are expecting to have more news about the point in your relationship.

Katy and Orlando they met at a gala Golden globes held in 2016and since then maintained a relationship somewhat convulsed. Now, if yes, if not now… Until they reunited the last The end of the Year at a party in Japan. It was from then when grew his love.

In fact, weeks later, the February 14, Bloom he proposed marriage to Perryaccepted to be haunted. As for not doing it with the rough stone valued at 4.5 million euros gave it to the actor. The love was on the rise.

full bloom

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Love unleashed

With the passage of months, they started preparations for the wedding, they announced that they wanted it to be an intimate act, and discreet, only for the most nearby.

Something that was surprising to many after the bachelorette party that was organized by the it girl. He rented a yacht and invited nothing less than 60 friends. Come on, the party discrete not precisely.

Meanwhile, the couple noted in red December in the calendar as the month in which you would pass by the altar.

Wedding postponed

But as that date drew near there was not news of when they were going to celebrate the link. And finally knew the reason that there would be no information. And is that the couple decided to postpone the wedding for work. It seems to be that they were not able to reconcile their agendas, and they decided to delay.

Some in the network, however, speak of a possible estrangement between the two and even of a suspected rupture. Though the couple has not commented about it.

And while fans await news of the celebrities, recover some of the photos of the couple that have appeared this year in the networks. Snapshot in which you see them so much in love.

However, there are some in which the singer doesn’t look as divine as we usually see usually. Or at least that they think their followers. “Horror!”, comment on the following snapshot, which has not been tampered with Photoshop and that let you to view some of the imperfections of the artist. Especially in the part of the abomen, where you do not see the figure that tends to show in his appearances públcias or in the photos you upload to your Instagram. “Perfect imperfections”, defined by their admirers.

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom