“I don’t have a cast only white”: Lisa Kudrow defended “Friends” to the hilt


After 16 years, “Friends” shapes up as the series most acclaimed of all time. As well as the fiction has to tow an impressive legion of fans, on some occasions, skips one another detractor. However, Lisa Kudrowwho personifico to the eccentric “Phoebe Buffay”, gave an interview to the international press in which he defended to the hilt in this production. In his opinion, worth to rescue this valuable piece of the past.

While the criticisms and questions have focused on the “cast is completely white”, Lisa replied with the following without any fear: “fiction should be seen as a time capsule and not as something that we did wrong.” In the meantime, the american writer recognized that the filming active in these times, “the story would have more diversity if the decline today. That is to say, would not have a cast of only white”.

In addition, the interpreter 56-year-old also referred to the role that were part of the cast “Friends” and how the social issues at that time were adapted to the series. For example, during the talk he spoke of “Ross Geller” who “it was a guy whose wife discovered that she was a lesbian and was pregnant and raised the child together. We also had a surrogate mother. At that time, was progresista”. In this sense, David Schwimmer, who gave life to this character, he also offered a statement to the media in January of this year.

“This series was groundbreaking in its time by the way in which you handled so casual sex, protected sex, homosexual marriage and relationships.” These were the words of the actor who retumbaron in the public opinion. And is that this formula of the series, first transmitted in September of the year 1994, gave just the nail on the head in terms of the most commented subjects in the society. Because the series refuses to die, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer they planned a meeting to be held by HBO’s Max this 27 may.

“Friends” is the series number 1

However, after the pandemic by the Covid-19 fans will have to wait for the good news. It was in the month of February, when Aniston and Kudrow were thrilled their fans by posting a postcard on Instagram with the following message: “It’s happening” (“Is going” in Spanish). So the reactions did not wait and created a stir in social networks, because it was the first hint of a possible reunion of the characters, each time is closer to being a reality.