“I made my own structure and routine” – Serena Williams reveals the management of the business and motherhood


Tour tennis was stopped in early march due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the entire world. Accordingly, it may be difficult for the players cope with the unprecedented situation, since they are used to be on the tour for almost 11 months of the year. However, the former world number 1, Serena Williams, seems to adapt quite well to the situation.

Williams unveiled its daily schedule during the indefinite break. He explained that is capable of managing its business and to spend time with his daughter Olympia during these difficult times.

“I really do try to concentrate on spending time with my daughter” – Serena Williams

“It’s going well. I feel good. I think that I am a person who is accustomed to a routine and structure. And now I don’t have it and I am thriving. But I made my own structure and routine. I have my training now, but I’m training again, “ Williams said in the podcast episode KindredCast.

“I’m working in the morning and then I have my time, a small block of business direct, unique approach. And then, the rest of the day, I try to stay with Olympia and maybe have a call of business. But really I try to focus on spending time with my daughter. I still have a lot of structure, ” he added.

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In addition to spending time with your family and manage your business and your exercise routine, the 23-times winner of the Grand Slam is also helping vulnerable people during the pandemic.

Serena Williams is in the last few years of his professional career. She certainly expect to compete in the tour again soon. It also pursues the historical record of Margaret Court’s 24 Grand Slam titles with only one major title behind. We hope that Serena can achieve your goal this year.

Varun Khanna

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