I put out the fire! Miley Cyrus surprised her fans with a great interpretation


The famous singer, Miley Cyrushas gone through various changes throughout its life. From being the little princess of Disney where she played Hannah Montana, to become a diva flaming pop. Despite this, his fans have followed their steps and have accompanied it in every facet, is this, that the young celebrity does not stop to surprise them.

Currently, there are many stars that are sharing their activities at the landfill required the product of the pandemic Covid-19. Although Cyrus is no exception to the rule, you could say that it is very applied and unconscionable when their social networks are about. Even made a program where you talk with a few heroes who struggle against the coronavirus.

Miley Cyrus-from-home

For a moment, but What is the famous performance? in the morning of this Sunday, Miley Cyrus posted a video through his official account of Instagramwhere delighted to 107 million followers with “Wish you were here”, a song by the rock band Pink Floyd, which recounts some very difficult times.

This moving song is inspired by a feeling of nostalgia for the absence of a friend, and dedicated to former band member, Syd Barrett, who left the same in 1968 by mental problems resulting from the consumption of drugs. The song could not be more nostalgic, between flames, and with a strong red color Cyrus sings this melody.

With more than 400 thousand of reproductions in less than 8 hours, the publication was filled with applause and good comments. The young celebrity has been very attached to the people most affected by the coronavirus and has shown its cooperation in various forms, including food distributed to the needy some days ago in the company of her boyfriend Cody Simpson.