I scare! The precipitous fall of Shawn Mendes front of thousands of fans


The canadian Shawn Mendes wanted to make a grace and he has got a morisqueta. All was going well until I reached the end of its “alley of honor” and Pow! to the ground.

Shawn Mendes wanted to show off in front of thousands of fans and what they achieved was a drastic drop in front of your audience.

The groom Camila Hair I was recording a video in which he passed for a sort of “alley of honor” made by thousands of their fans screaming frenzied.

Shawn Mendes fell in front of thousands of fans

Was current among the multitude of arms that tried to grab him in some way, but you made a mistake…

Instead of running from the front, the young Shawn he turned several times to see the camera that was following him, and this certainly could have dizzy a little.

What is certain is that when he came to the end of the hallway, Shawn Mendes it crashed and all of his fans cried out in anguish.

Surely nothing serious happened, but …ShawnGod , please be more careful pimpollo!