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Millie Bobby Brown, who gives life to ‘Rise’ in the number of Netflix he surprised all his fans with his new facet of professional. Has received the backing of his fans on Instagram.

Stranger Things it was the great revelation of the 2016, due to the series of Netflix captivated millions of viewers, by offering a story of mystery and terror, in the picturesque village of ‘Hawkins’.

The third season of Stranger Things to be released on this year and the fans are more than aware of each one of the activities of the actors that star in this saga. One of the actresses most followed on Instagram, is the young actress Millie Bobby Brown, who recently assumed a new role in his professional life

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So, Millie Bobby Brown, who gives life to ‘Eleven’ on the popular series of Netflix serves as a model for some clothing brands, a fact that has surprised all of her followers on Instagram, which already are more than 16.9 million in the social network.

The young actress, who will participate in the new movie of Gotzilla, has one of his best moments in his professional life and is recognised for his talent not only for acting but also for modeling.

In one of his more recent publications in Instagram, you can see him modeling some comfortable clothing, a well-known brand. The young man has received all sorts of praise from their fans, who fully support the work of the young american promise.

“Very cute”, “Adorable”, can be read in the comments of their fans, who little by little see it grow to the teenager who is the protagonist of ‘Stranger Things’, a series which is next to launch a new season, which is estimated to be the penultimate of the whole saga.

However, this is not the first time that he is representing well-known brands of clothing and accessories for women; or on covers of some major magazines.