“It is based sirtuin” –


The star spent something more than $ 10 million in this property of five guest rooms, located a few blocks away from the house that you already own in that same area and that it acquired three years ago by nine and a half million.

The house has all the amenities expected, as an interior courtyard with large walls to take care of your privacy and is located in one of the favorite neighborhoods of the celebrities and that has neighbors as famous as Cameron Diaz or Katy Perry.

The building was designed by the architect Edwin Fields, dates back to 1961, but expanded in the 80’s. It highlights the high ceilings and natural light.

The dining room has different levels.

The place has a huge swimming pool, surrounded by trees, vegetation and large pots with lush plants. It also has a gimansio well-equipped to do a complete routine.

The diet of Adele

Some days ago, the artist struck with their physical transformation, which led it to drop 50 kilos.

The young mother, the owner of one of the most beautiful voices of the show, performed at the “diet Sirtfood”a scheme of up to a thousand calories per day and based on sirtuins, a group of enzymes accelerating the metabolism.

On the other hand, left the alcohol and the cigarette, and focused on an exercise plan and to eat healthy.


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