It is very important to believe in yourself


Even Serena Williams, with the emergence of the coronavirus, has chosen the path of self-isolation and invites everyone to stay at home. In the meantime, pending a general decision of the WTA, the organisers of the tournament in Stuttgart have announced its cancellation.

The “Grand Prix Tennis” Porsche was time to start the 20 of April. Earning almost $ 29 million in prizes and sponsors, Williams was the female athlete highest paid in 2016. He repeated this feat in 2017 when it was the only woman on the Forbes list of the 100 athletes best paid with $ 27 million in prizes and sponsorships.

She has won the award for ‘Laureus Sportsman of the year’ four times (2003, 2010, 2016, 2018). In 2019, was ranked 63 in the list of the athletes best paid in the world by Forbes. “It is very important to believe in yourself.

In my work, I am different, and that put me on this path of being different. You have a lot to say, and design, and you should be yourself,” said the 23-time champion of Grand Slam in an interview for PEOPLE magazine.

“Somehow we have to figure out how to live on this planet and not destroy it, so this really speaks to me personally. You must also be incorporated into the design because fashion is a very important part of many bad things that are happening and it is only the truth sincere.

This is how to create those collections that are more sustainable and have less pressure of what we do,” he added. Williams is admired around the world, and his words surely will have a great impact.