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In February, 2018 and the actress Jennifer Lawrence decided to make a break in his career and taking a year off to devote to herself and focus on activism. The aim was to have time to participate more effectively in the organization to Represent Us, to fight against political corruption, and to defend the rights of women.

The interpreter has fulfilled his word, and since the end of the promotion for the film Sparrow reda story of intrigue and espionage in which he plays a woman recruited against his will by the security service of the Russian to use his body as a weapon, left to one side the film sets.

Now, after almost a year away from acting, Jennifer Lawrence has decided to end their temporary retirement and return to the film with an independent film under the direction of Lila Neugebauer, an acclaimed theatre director who will make his debut as a director of feature films with this movie. The project, which will give its first steps in mid-June and will be shot in New Orleans has had to be attractive enough for Lawrence to decide to return not only as an actress but also as producer of the film.

Jennifer Lawrence and the art dealer Cooke Maroney in New York this month.

Jennifer Lawrence and the art dealer Cooke Maroney in New York this month. GtresOnline

Lila Negebauer has only advance that it is “a film intimate that wants to be very personal.” A film with Jennifer Lawrence returns to its own origins since it debuted precisely on the independent film Winter’s Bone that earned him an Oscar nomination in 2011, an award won the following year for his performance in The good side of things. In addition to this new project, the actress The Hunger Games, pending the release of a new installment of the saga X-Men, Dark Phoenix, where takes up her character of Mystique.

The year away from the cameras he has brought to the artist more surprises that devote themselves to promoting the political participation of young people. The past month of February it became known that Lawrence, 28 years old, was committed with the gallery owner, Cooke Maroney, 34-year-old, who maintains a relationship for less than a year ago. The representative of the actress confirmed the engagement to the magazine People, the same publication that just this week has released that the couple may be looking for places for an upcoming official celebration of your commitment or even prior to your wedding. According to the same magazine, Jennifer Lawrence is a woman attached to his family and a source close to her has said that it would be a surprise that “his marriage was not a matter of family is quite extensive”, in relation to rule out a wedding surprise or a secret away from his own.