Jennifer Lawrence is the true love. I Enteráte now!


When it seemed that this is not him he smiled and the weight of fame had worn, the fortunes changed for one of the actresses most famous in Hollywood with a marriage in front door. Here the details about their romance.

Her fiancé works in a prestigious art gallery in Manhattan, which represents artists such as the british sculptor Anish Kapoor and video filmmaker Matthew Barney, couple of Björk.

Despite being one of the faces’s most popular film, Jennifer Lawrence has managed to keep her private life away from the paparazzi; however, it is confirmed that soon will get married. Who is the lucky man? Your future husband is Cooke Maroney, and is the director of the art gallery Gladstone in NY, which represents artists of the first level. They were seen together for the first time in June of last year when walking in the streets of the “Big Apple” and, according to his relatives, the virtual gift was given after they were submitted by Laura Simpson, one of the best friends of Jennifer, who accompanied her to the Oscars in 2014.

The news was surprising, and is that the actress made it clear to the end of 2017 that was single. In an interview with Howard Stern, driver The Howard Stern Showsaid: “Let me tell you that I have not had sex in months. I would love to have a relationship, but it is very tricky out there,” said between laughter. The star of The Hunger Games he began his career on the right foot thanks to blockbuster movies and immediate nominations for the Oscar, but Hollywood turned a bit sour for her after the tapes Passengers, Mother! and Red Sparrow they did not have the acceptance expected by the critics and the public.

Lucky in work, unlucky in love?

It was believed that the mind of Jennifer I was far from the cinema and your heart empty until a few months ago and saw him accompanied by a mysterious man, who turned out to be a gallerist prominent and responsible for bringing new joy to your life. As J. Law he was in his announced sabbatical year, they maintained their love story enough out of the radar of the press; however, after they were seen celebrating in a restaurant and Jennifer to shine forth not only happiness, but by a huge diamond, the rumors of an engagement spread in order to be confirmed by their representative a few days later.

Despite the fact that the last scripts chosen by the actress have not been the most successful and that she felt overwhelmed by the industry, the whole world is still in love with her, and it is not very difficult to understand why Maroney it is also.

What commitment to the test of Hollywood?

Only time will tell, but since the new boyfriend is not part of the film industry, are not active in social networks (he has an account Instagram but it is private) and they like to stay out of the spotlight when they are not working, it could mean a marriage more stable than the average, despite their short courtship. Other questions arise: what dress will be used Jennifer?, where will be held the wedding and who will be on the guest list? For the moment we don’t know the details, but given the friends of the couple, this celebration is sure to be one of the most important events of the year.


NICHOLAS HOULT (2010-2014)

They met in the filming of X-Men and was dating the most durable. Shortly after his separation were leaked photos that the actress had sent him to Hoult naked, and, despite living in this drama together, and that Jennifer disappear from Hollywood a few months, managed to maintain a good relationship after their breakup.


Although their romance lasted just a few weeks and was never confirmed, your link caused excitement when they saw very loving, after several concerts Coldplay. The fire went out very soon, but parted on terms amicable.


Agreed on the filming of the movie Mother!, starring Lawrence and directed by Aronofsky’s. There were a few moments that we saw them together outside of events around the tape, and their romance did not prosper. Maybe it was the age difference, he is 50 years old, or the fact that the bad reviews his movie would turn out to be too heavy for the couple. Jennifer stated in the podcast Awards Chatter that “the last thing I wanted to do was to think about the tape and he came and was everything that I wanted to talk about.”

Jennifer he has shown he can be very friendly with your ex and, in fact, in October of 2018 were at a party together without a problem. Assisted with Maroney the premiere of The Favourite, starring Houltand there was also Aronofsky. Go tangle. “I am a friend of all my ex, actually. My theory is that you can’t have a bad relationship with someone if you are sincere. If everyone in the world knows how you feel, no lies, just openness. All my boyfriends have been wonderful, Nick he was a great boyfriend,” said the actress in an interview to the podcast WTF With Marc Maron.

By: Jessica Moreno / Photo: Getty Images