Karol G leaves the audience breathless when you do this in full concert


The singer and songwriter has been known to win the affection of the audience with his gestures of humility.

Karol G never ceases to amaze us, and not only for his talent, if not for his humility, and the strong connection they demonstrated with their fanbase. This time he did what no one could have imagined, with a small fan.

Regardless of age, the singer of 29 years is aware that without his audience would not be nothing. Why don’t you get tired of thank you in different ways. This time in full concert rose to a little girl to sing with her, leaving everyone with open mouth.

Karol G uploaded the video to your account Instagram. This was not long in receiving more than 4 million views and hundreds of comments. “Are you admire KAROl I adore You Greetings from Colombia,” wrote a fan. “I love you so much and I LOVE YOUR MUSIC”, “What a girl tender, I was fascinated by” and “I love You very much. You are my best singer”, were some of the comments that received the publication.

“For things like these all worth it”

Karol G demonstrated that will also relented that a little girl sing with her, and she added to the publication the following phrase: “THANK you!! For things like these is that it is all worth it You with your love fill me up so much that I Want to do this for the rest of my days!

Definitely these acts of Carolina Navarro, better known as Karol G make your fans want more and more every day. Not repair obstacles to answer the comments that are made and ensures that their followers is capable of anything.

The singer and songwriter of colombian reggaeton and rap has earned the affection of the public with only 29 years. Do not stop working and giving samples of that is your natural talent, what I love most to do, what fills it and makes you happy.

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