Karol G shows a photograph unpublished with Rihanna


The quarantine is bringing out our more creative side, and is providing us with ideas of what is most original to combat all the free time. Karol G, very active in their social networks, has become the queen of the occurrences with your last photoand now you’ll see why.

The bride of Anuel AA opened the trunk of memories to publish in your account of Instagram a photo alongside Rihanna, which came to light on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the song ‘Pon De Replay’the theme of a young RiRi started in the world of music. Under the hashtag #15YearsOfRihannathousands of fans of the barbados wanted to pay homage to this special day for her, and Karol G as one of their big fans, also what you did with this image of both.

Although, to the surprise of many, was not what it seemed. Despite the fact that to the naked eye it looked like a photograph of both a while ago, one only had to read the caption for the finish to confirm that this very welcome surprise for fans of both was only the result of the editing. “The envious will say that is Photoshop #15YearsOfRihanna My Boo ?”, he confessed the artist, joking, to avoid that we could draw conclusions.

And, what is certain is that, without the clarification of Karol G we could perfectly well have thought that the artists have shared something more than their profession, because they the colombian has been a mounting that is as close to perfection, demonstrating the skills that have been acquired with the Photoshop exercised during the confinement. But a friendship between the two stars is only an illusion, at least until now, that we have begun to imagine them in a joint collaboration. From then, we would love to!