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Katy Perry it is located in one of its best moments both on a professional as well as personal. The californian is finalizing the details of their fifth studio album, whose first single Daisies you can listen to next Friday, may 15. In addition, the artist has already advance that you will have a total of thirteen issues.

On the personal level, Perry is expecting his first baby with his partner, the actor Orlando Bloom. The interpreter Roar announced in February that she was pregnant and from that moment on he has not ceased to boast of tummy. If up in the clip Never Worn White we saw the radiant, showing her belly.

Well, this Monday, may 11, the singer has wanted to share with its almost 100 million followers of Instagram the first picture of his little girl. This is the video of an ultrasound.

When your daughter is not born you take out the middle finger from the womb. You know that you’re going to want to”, has written by the artist next to the publication. In addition, it has been accompanied with the hashtag #happymothersdayhome, making reference to the mother’s day that is celebrated this Sunday in many countries such as the united States.

This Sunday, Katy Perry was in Disney Family Without Along Part II, the special program prepared by the ABC, and where some of the artists of the time interpreted songs Disney. The californian sang Baby Mine Dumbo, I even disguised as an elephant for the occasion!

Without a doubt, the daughter of Katy is going to have a lot of fun with his mother. It sure is a companion of games, exceptional.

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