Kim Kardashian explains how it will help to combat the coronavirus in the world


So far, we have confirmed 934,825 cases of hiv infections and more than 47 thousand deaths caused by the current global pandemic of Coronavirus. While Italia has been declining in the past few days their numbers of deaths caused by the COVID-19, the cases continue to rise in countries such as the united States and Spain.

That is why more and more celebrities who have donated to help combat the Coronavirus. Celebs such as Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have made large donations (on more than one occasion in your case) and now Kim Kardashian also wants to make a contribution to the delicate health crisis in which we are immersed.

According to The View, Kim has been in talks to transform its 5 factories of Skims (his successful brand of girdles as shapewear, underwear, and pajamas) in one place where you can create a large amount of face cloths, hand sanitizers and masks for medical use so that they can be used in american hospitals.

In addition to the fabrication of mask and gel, the entrepreneur of 39 years, said in a recent interview that you also want to make a monetary contribution (of approximately 24 million pesos) to help the most vulnerable families affected by the COVID-19, by means of the organization Baby2Baby.