Kim Kardashian returns to use that Birkin that caused so much controversy

Kim Kardashian conquer Paris with one of the Birkin most iconic of his collection: the one intervened by the artist George Condo.

Kim Kardashian returns to use that Birkin that caused so much controversy

4 march, 2020

Sure you will remember when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West they were still committed. At that time, Kim was just beginning to expand their social circle, going to Paris to live with the cream of the crop of the fashion. In addition, I published every moment and detail in Instagram without much curation. Until his assault… but that is another story. Going back to those old publications, one day the socialite —and now entrepreneur and almost the advocate— presumed one of the christmas gifts that Kanye had made him. It is a bag Birkin Hermès intervened by a painting of the artist George Condo, which by the way it took him 15 minutes to do as told W in 2014.

The bag you first met as a “product photography”, then took to the streets of the Big Apple as Kim and Kanye walked around. And, after seven years, what we see in the last appearance of Kardashian in Paris. This time combined it with a total look in black leather and pumps snake. A great contrast to reaffirm that it was also back in the City of Light with more style than ever.

Although controversial, the Birkin of $40,000 or so because it is an icon. Sure in a future not so next what we will be seeing in a museum, or being auctioned off by an alarming amount. After all you meet all the requirements to become a piece emblematic: it is a bag iconic, is painted by one of the contemporary artists most acclaimed, and is the property of one of the muses of the TWENTY-first century.

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