Kylie Jenner reacts to unfortunate song of Drake

  • Kylie Jenner reacts to the song of Drake where the flame “the other”.
  • We interviewed the entrepreneur and tells us what his plans are for the future

    Do you remember the 2019? That time in which people went out, went out, interacted and even formed couples! One of them, belonging to the celluloid VIP, could be formed by Kylie Jenner and Drake that, according to the american press, they were able to bring out its close relationship to a higher stage. Be that as it may, none of the two came to confirm never that between the two there was an ‘affaire’, but neither denied the obvious and special relationship of friendship. It all happened after the jefaza of ‘Kylie Skin’ —¡firm that landed the last week in Spain!!— to separate from Travis Scott and becoming involved in a media whirlwind that managed to get out without sweat. Today, the relationship that maintains the former spouse is of the most cordial, in part because of the daughter they have in common, Stormi (or the ‘Showers’, as it has been dubbed affectionately Twitter).

    The case is that the pairing of Drake and Kylie (from now on Draklie) continues to speak, because a few days ago was leaking a video of the rapper in the which referred openly to the sister of Kim Kardashian in one of his letters. In that verse called it something like the ‘lover’ or ‘the other’, stating that you have 20 women like her available. An unfortunate comment sexist that quickly became a theme viral and which forced the interpreter of ‘Hotline Blink’ to ask forgiveness of the public at the same time recognizing that such material was recorded three years ago in the most strict intimacy we never had to leave.

    kylie reacts to the song of drake

    Public apology to Drake.


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    And, as expected, then all of the a view resting on Kylie, which stands out for its cautious but at the same time a subliminal way of communicating through social networks. Platforms that, on this occasion, has not been used to react to the plundering of the virtual, as it has been a source close to this that has been in contact with the medium ‘E! News’ confirming that between the two there is no problem:

    “Kylie is not resentful with the singer. I knew that the song was old and are still good friends, just laughed to hear it. Drake and she still kept in contact and all is well between both of you.”

    Well, it seems that mess has been resolved and that there is resentment on the part of the young millionaire. We’ll see what happens later.

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