Lady Gaga fights piracy with piracy and it is very ironic


Lady Gaga combat piracy piracy, ironic, stupid love copyright
Photo: GettyImages

They say that it is effective to combat “fire against fire”, but perhaps it is the same what piracy with piracy? Apparently, Lady Gaga has embraced this tactic, maybe it was not at all aware of it… but in the end there is always a certain ignorance in a crime isn’t it? It all started some days ago, when the singer showed frustrated because it was leaked his new song.

It is the topic “Stupid Love”, the first-fruits of unauthorized album return of Lady Gaga to the music (and yes, we scream of excitement). The song was discovered through a HTML code of your web page; a thing that bothered a lot of Lady Gaga, who posted on Twitter a clear message to fans to stop spreading illegally the new material music.

The singer released a tweet they pointed out that they were engaging in music piracy; which said, “stop once”, accompanied by a composition of two images of a girl simulating a thief who conceals his identity with a balaclava, but with headphones listening to music pirate, that is to say a infringement the rights of the author.

However, Lady Gaga seemed like the photo perfect when typed in Google “fan listening to music pirate” ended up being a bad idea, because when you make use of this photo, Gaga of his time violated copyright the image bank Shutterstock. This irony or hypocrisy (as you see) was rapidly appointed through the social networks.

Although this photo had a very clear brand of waternot spent a lot of time for the company to Shutterstock to be addressed to Lady Gaga. “I hear you! We also like that they pay to the artists for their work. Here is a link to the photographer’s work where you can license these images of quality.” reads the response from the bank of images.

Lady Gaga combat piracy piracy, ironic, stupid love copyright
Photo: Shutterstock