Lady Gaga reveals terrible disease that suffers from 15 years


Lady Gaga admitted in several interviews that he had some health problemsthough without giving too many details about them or how is that affected him constantly. However, always left everything in the air until now.

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The american singer Lady Gaga took the decision to explain to you about your state of health and everything that was going on about it, especially for their fans better understood why it is that he had been suffering several changes of weight in the last few years, something that was evident again in 2019.

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The protagonist of the famous film “a star is Born” has changed his weight nearly 15 pounds in the last year due to what she considered eating disorders.

This change of weight that usually happen to Lady Gagadepending on the age, comes from his teenage years in which he had two problems, eating disorders, anorexia and also of bulimia, with which he suffered several changes in its physiognomy, making it look very different in such a short time.

Since the year 2011 to date it has had about 6 big changes of weight, the past year was when it started at its most luxurious, and finished with a extreme thinness by calling the attention of all his followers and causing intrigue.

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Due to the eating disorders that Lady Gaga presents, had to try all sorts of tricks of fashion to be able to hide the excess weight with the that had.

That’s why in the past several months, we were able to appreciate with dresses wide, with pockets are very big, or any other type of accessory that you would notice more that she and you can hide your weightsomething that its fans don’t take it as something relevant and the worship is see as you see.

Adding as well one of the problems with the famous singer Lady Gagasince we have also been given to know that the specialists detected fibromyalgia due to some pains he was suffering, and certain studies carried out, and from years ago we know that has several diseases of mental health that have caused a lot of pain and that is only controlled with medication, which he explained in his documentary on Netflix.