Lady Gaga was declared an alcoholic


Lady Gaga, 34 years old, acknowledged that he is an alcoholic, and this has to do with your “anxiety” and their “personal demons”.

In a chat with the disc jockey Zane Lowe, for the station, Apple Music, the pop star talked about the process of recording their latest album, Chromatica, and also of their addictions.

I’ve been flirting with the idea of embracing a sober lifestyle. I’m still not at that pointbut I thought at several moments while recording the album,” he said.

And deepened: “Is an option that arose while I was trying to find a way to keep working despite the physical pain I experience constantly.”

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande did together to the song “Rain on Me”

For now, he added, giving up the drink is not on the top of your list of priorities. The artist considers that to leave the tobacco, has already been quite an achievement and you want to take the time to do the same thing with the alcohol. Know that if you don’t got it, it would fall into a dynamic that has given him many problems: he would start to hate herself for her failure.

“Part of my recovery process is based on thinking: ‘Well, I can be very hard on myself each and every day for the fact that I’m drinking. Or I can choose to be happy and appreciate that I am still alive and working, and feel that what I’m doing quite well. I am well enough. I am imperfect in a perfect way'”, he advanced.

Chromaticathe new album of Gaga, will go on sale this Friday, may 29. Ariana Grande is involved in the topic Rain on Me. In the video clip, already could see the two singers dancing in the rain in a scene between futuristic and posapocalíptico that reminds directly to the aesthetics of the film Blade Runner.

In fact, it has been directed by the mexican filmmaker Robert Rodriguez collaborator Quentin Tarantino and author of such films as Sin City, Planet Terror and Machete.

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Of Chromatica also already known is the song Stupid Loveand are expected to know how to work on set of Gaga with Elton John and the group of k-pop Blackpink.

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During the quarantine by the coronavirus, Gaga has been very active. It was, moreover, one of the organizers of the festival One World, together at home, that was done in a virtual way and involving major music stars, such as the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney, and which raised $ 130 million to be allocated to the fight against the pandemic.

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