Learn how to sing like Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish o Celine Dion in TikTok! | News


Sing like your favorite artists has never been easier. Or at least this is what promises to a young woman in TikTok who shows tricks to sing like Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish or even Celine Dion.

Is imitating your style and descifrándolo step-by-step, that the actress and singer Kimberly Camacho reveals to us the secret to having a voice so privileged as these three pop stars.

It is not just a matter of imitating, but by using techniques of voice as resonators, types of voices and resonators, which you can get to sing as well as these stars.

To sing like Billie, you only need to use the voice of head (try to bring your sound to the top of the skull), sing half whispered, to keep the lips are not so open, do a vibrato at the end and down each note at the end of the verse.

In the case of one of the divas of the music most important of these times, Celine Dion, the only thing you have to do is to place your voice in the jaws (more or less where your cheekbones) but a little toward the nose. Then you do variations of notes known as riffs that is to pass from one note to another, going through the middle, one by one. And of course, a great vibrato.

For Ariana grande you should make falsettes with the voice of head, but as if you’re swallowing your voice. In issuing the sentences, try to use less consonants possible. Finally, to make the viariaciones as those of Celine Dion, you have to finish on a high note.

Other singers who have used the young have been Britney Spears Lorde. Apparently the only thing that is not taught and that is essential, is to know how to sing.