Lose weight in 15 minutes a day with the method of Jennifer Lawrence


Her slender figure and toned skin is the result of a consistent routine of exercises since the actress confessed who feels unable to stick to a diet and who likes to enjoy meals like pizza without any remorse. The favorite workouts of Jennifer Lawrence include pilates and running. The latter has proven to be a good discipline for lose weight at the same time that they strengthen the glutes, legs and abs. But when the star doesn’t have time, practice the method created by Dalton Wong, the trainer that put it in shape for ‘Sparrow red’ became their habits: “It changed my body for such a film but gave me the tools to change my life”he confessed to Stylecraze. One of the keys of the philosophy of Wong are the routines express avoiding the excuses for lack of time.

Because there are times that the one-hour workouts are difficult to fit into the day-to-day, the method of Dalton proposes circuits express 15 minutes of high-intensity that has described in his book The Feelgood Plan: Happier, Healthier & Slimmer in 15 Minutes a Daywritten with the’editoria Kate Faithfull-Williams. Each one of the tracks focus on different areas of the body. For example, the arms and abs is designed to strengthen that area of the sole during a quarter of an hour; the next day, the group exercises will focus on toning legs and buttocks. This is achieved by working the whole body when just the week.

The type of exercises that are done are of the functional type, that is to say, movements practical designed to tone the muscles in a comprehensive way. Thanks to them it not only strengthens the body, but that the work so effectively the abdominals and the lower back (core), are very beneficial for correcting posture and provide more stability. In addition, they are perfect for burning calories, so that they become great allies to eliminate the excess fat while at the same time get a physique more slender.

Planks, squats, burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, sprints… these are some of the exercises that are part of the circuits of the Dalton Wong, which shares some examples of the circuit in his profile of Instagram. Many times, includes accessories fitness as weights or elastic bands to increase the difficulty of the movement and make it more effective. Thanks to its short duration, this type of training express are ideal for working the record and not to spend more than a day without exercise, a method that has worked for Lawrence and that the expert has described in his book.