Luis Fonsi Katy Perry: the 10 music VIDEOS most seen in the 15 year history of YouTube


The platform celebrates 15 years of existence this 2020, and thanks to the quarantine of its users continue to grow. Reggaeton and the k-pop will take over YouTube.

By Itzel Roldán

Mexico city, may 25 (avant-Garde).- It was the February 14, 2005 that is officially launched YouTubethe platform’s most popular video of the last time that was created by three former PayPal: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. In October 2006, the partners sold it to Google Inc. per thousand $ 650 million, and since then it has become one of its strongest branches of it all over the internet.

Currently, the platform celebrates 15 years as an entire industry. Of she have been born to the ‘youtubers’, creators who are dedicated solely to feeding the platform with travel, tutorials, jokes, among many other subjects which in turn will generate profit. However, YouTube is also the home of the music videosartists like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande have managed to consolidate their careers thanks to their releases through this platform.

The health emergency, who live for the spread of the COVID-19 it has also benefited to the platform, because many of the music videos have surpassed the one billion views in the history of YouTube, thanks to the users who are in their homes confined. Therefore, VMÁS shows you the video clips, most viewed of the story.

SLOWLY 6 778 772 467

The easy-to-reggaetón became the most viewed video in the history of YouTube with over 6 billion visits, published in January 2017, the song broke boundaries and has reached many places of the world. The track’s success is due to its particular composition, that encompasses elements of reggaeton, bachata and pop along with the participation of an artist is global as so is Justin Bieber.

SHAPE OF YOU 4 796 110 252

The video of the single “Shape of you” the british singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, was published in January of 2017, and has already accumulated more than 4 billion hits, is the second most seen of the year 2017, in addition is the video that has come faster to the 2 billion views in the history of YouTube.

SEE YOU AGAIN 4 561 570 715

The third position brings the single of Wiz Khalifa next to Charlie Puth, was published in march of 2015, currently has more than 4 billion hits. The video clip is part of the soundtrack of the movie “Fast and Furious 7”, a last tribute to Paul Walker, who died in a car accident in 2013. It became the song most listened to of YouTube for 17 weeks and the day it was uploaded to the network racked up 4.2 million visits.

UPTOWN FUNK 3 851 412 677

The song produced by Mark Ronson, with the collaboration of the american singer Bruno Mars, builds up and is currently more than 3 billion hits, was published in 2014, is the second most viewed video during 2015. Topped the charts in countries like: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Mexico and the united States, in addition received the title to the song most listened to of all time in a single week in the United Kingdom.

GANGNAM STYLE 3 628 448 148

This video posted in 2012 has reached more than 3 billion hits, the song that combines k-pop, electronic and rap, performed by the singer and rapper south Korean PSY, managed to give back to the world, along with your choreography, thanks to the virtual platform, became one of the video clips most viral in history. During November of 2012, “Gangnam Style” received the award for best video at the MTV Europe Music Awards, she also holds the Record Guiness as video more popular in 2012 with over 2.3 million Likes, was the most viewed video in the history of YouTube during 2012.

SORRY 3 288 914 392

With over 3 billion hits, “Sorry” the canadian singer Justin Bieber became the most viewed video during 2016, in spite of its amount of visualizations is one of the videos with more I don’t Like on YouTube. The video clip published in the 2015 was a commercial success. The song spent seven weeks at number one on the Canadian Hot 100 and three weeks at number one in the united States on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2016, in addition it is estimated that in the united States, achieved a total sales of more than 600 thousand copies.

SUGAR 3 196 339 502

This song was written by Adam Levine, Dr. Luke, Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Mike Posner, Joshua Coleman and Henry Walter as a gift for Karolina Miranda. Until the time has more than 3 billion views. In addition, Billboard predicted that the single debut inside the top 25 with digital sales by over 150 thousand copies.

ROAR 3 078 956 941

Finally, the video for “Roar”, the success of Katy Perry, it reaches a place on this list with more than 3 billion views on the platform, was published on September 5, 2013 and was directed by Grady Hall and Mark Kudsi.