Maluma recalls the time he met his ‘crush’, Kendall Jenner

Although sometimes it is not what we create, our favorite artists feel admiration for other celebrities like the rest of us mortals. Being a fan is not incompatible with being famous, and if not tell that to Maluma. The colombian has been opened up once more with his fans and has wanted to remember with their followers, through an interview with ‘Access Hollywood’, the time in which he met Kendall Jenner.

“Everyone knows who my celebrity crush is Kendall Jenner… we were recording together, and saw me. I got so nervous that I am sure that he realized” he assured the artist. Maluma has had the opportunity of working alongside the super american model and, once more, it was shown that sometimes the experience does not serve to address as we want to some situations.

Throughout his already long career, the colombian has had the opportunity to meet many personalities and that does not seem to have served to stop feeling nervous when any idol is about. The confession of the singer has made people feel identified numerous fans in any other occasion in your life. It is for this reason that the interview has become one more element to strengthen the solid relationship that exists between the artist and his followers.

What will be the next confession of the singer? We don’t know, but we are clear that the quarantine is being used to learn more about our favorite artists, that have been proposed with their music to give us one more reason to smile at life day after day.

The continuous travel and the numerous appointments that they usually do in front of our singers prevent that we can feel them so near as now. Especially in these times in the which is only needed a camera to make us think that we know our idols a lifetime.