Mariah Carey Christmas: 12 million for ‘skip the diet’ in their latest ad


With the arrival of the cold weather, a farewell to summer, and the new time change, the next step for each year is the arrival of Christmas, and in the american television has first name and last name: Mariah Carey. The famous american singer was relocated to a new ad face of christmas campaign in a very peculiar way.

It was worth it ‘skip the diet’

It is known by all his followers the strict diet to which it is subjected to the new yorker during the past few months, and it is the singer herself in charge of sharing it with their fans this way of life. However, one of their videos posted in the last few days has broken completely with the schemes of these followers.

Mariah Carey shared a video that corresponds to their last announcement, interestingly the first of the Christmas campaign that almost gives the ‘kick’ out of seasonal ads. This time, it has been the prestigious brand of potato chips british marketed in America ‘Walkers’ -something like ‘Lays’ in Spain-.

The fact appear in an advertisement of potato chips in itself not surprising to the followers of Mariah Carey. However it did the scene in which sees the singer ‘struggling’ with one of the cameras fictional advertisement for a bag of this brand, ending with defeat and eat a potato chip. It seems that Mariah Carey has been waiting for all this time with such opening of the christmas campaign of a very tasty.

In addition to this, the announcement and launch of the christmas campaign has accompanied a fact that has ended up shocking both to those who are followers of Mariah Carey as their own detractors. In the last few hours out into the light what has brought the singer to roll this listing, and that it could be the potato most expensive in the world, seen from this other point of view. Nothing more and nothing less than 12 million euros, even for ‘Walkers’ do not seem to have a price the fact that ”the mother of the campaigns christmas” welcome to the Christmas announcing your brand.

We ran out of time on Twitter

It seems that it has arrived and is, without doubt, the most anticipated moment of the year for Mariah Carey, to which he lacked time to announce that we came in officially in the final stretch of the year and, consequently, was also the account back to before Christmas arrives.

It would be on Twitter when, with a fun video, Mariah Carey expected to be officially November 1, to simulate a call to the very same Santa Clausbecause wearing your pajamas for the occasion and, of course, with the famous christmas carols of the singer playing in the background.