MasterChef makes history, Halle Berry, and Slvame vs Pasapalabra


Saray, Adrienne, Sonsoles, Pink, Mnica, Fidel and Sito not convinced the judges and a stranger was fished Jordi, Pepe and Samantha. Roberto Leal could not with the Tomato, and Mejide and Prat fall.


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Sara Lúa was expelled from MasterChef this Monday The 1 in the program, which for the first time in its history there was no play-off, but a new contestant, Carlos. Saray, Adrienne, Sonsoles, Pink, Monica, Fidel and Sito defrauded, and the judges were where they came from. Carlos, that had fallen to the gates of the 50X15, received a new opportunity to 22.9% of the hearing and 2.862.000 spectators.

The second option was the cinema 5 stars Telecinco with the movie Kidnapped he scored a 10.9 per cent with Halle Berry as the main character. Entertained 1.551.000 spectators. Cinema also in The Sixth with 7.4% for The 33: a story of hope that followed 1.088.000 viewers.

Antena 3 kicking off the night with a 13.4% for The Anthill they saw 2.233.000 fans . After pricked I slip with a loose 6.3% and 782.000 spectators. In the spotlightin Fourstayed at 5.9%.

In the afternoon, in Telecinco, Save me he led with his edition orange and 18.6%. In addition, Save me a tomato started the week winning Pasapalabra the harvest of 17.8% and 1.918.000 viewers compared to 16.2% with 1.760.000 fans of the contest Roberto Leal in Antena 3.

In regards to the novels, Love is forever it was the most view with 11.6%, and 1.428.000 followers Antena 3. In The 17.9% for Central Market, 8.9% to To serve and protect and 8.3% for Acacia 38.

In The Sixth, Zapeando it is made with 7.6% and Better late with a 7.8% while that in Four, Risto Mejide got a 5.4 per cent with Everything is a lie and Joaquín Prat 5.3% with Four a day.

In the morning, Ana Rosa Quintana signed by 16.9% and Sonsoles Ónega 12.8% in Telecinco. In Antena 3, 13.7% for Susanna Griso and in The Sixth, 12.9% for [email protected] and 15.8% for Al rojo vivo.

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