Miley Cyrus will have a special on At full Volume


GUADALAJARA, Jal., May 25, 2020. The company Ocesa promotora big shows in Mexico, announced its events To the entire Volume which include a series of shows scheduled that you can enjoy in these days of closure because of the quarantine that lives in all the world.

Highlights the Bright Minded, a special program of interviews with the controversial singer and actress, Miley Cyrus, who proved to be very aware of the situation in which he lives and which therefore must not assume their way of life, nor to take center stage before the pandemic.

And is that perhaps Cyrus is the only celebrity aware of these differences and makes a call to his friends in the industry to tell them that they should think twice before posting how to pass the quarantine in mansions.

Furthermore, Miley believes that celebrities should consider this when comparing your experiences in quarantine in great mansions, apartments or beach homes with the rest of the world.

This talk is scheduled in your account of Instagram for this Tuesday from 13:30 hours, as part of the project To the whole Volume: Stay at Home: You put in the house we the music.