more than the sister of Serena Williams


What is the first thing you think of when someone mentions Venus Williams? Probably, most of you might think of your sister, who has beaten all the records in tennis, and has transcended the boundaries of the sport.

Serena Williams has become a megastar. However, in the midst of all the fame that he achieved, Serena, Venus was lost somewhere in the background. Most people forgot that originally, it was Venus, who was destined to be the star who defined the era.

She was the inspiration african-american, which gave many girls the right to dream of more. In this article, we take a look at the accomplishments of Venus Williams, and his relationship and rivalry with her sister Serena.

What are the major records and accomplishments of Venus Williams? Venus first entered the scene when he became the first player seeded in the open era to reach the final of the US Open.

The year was 1997, and Venus was just 17. In fact, I knew that he was breaking boundaries. This became evident when she told journalists: “I’m high. I am black. Everything is different on my.

Just face the facts. That was just the beginning of a career to be immensely successful . Venus to win 7 Grand Slam titles, the first in the year 2000 with a victory at Wimbledon. The american star to win the Wimbledon 5 times and the US Open twice.

Venus is only behind Martina Navratilova, Serena Williams and Steffi Graff in the list of winners of Wimbledon of all time in the open era. In addition to this, it has reached 16 Grand Slam finals, most recently at Wimbledon in 2017.

Her 7 Grand Slam titles placed in the n. No 12 in the list of Grand Slam winners of all time and eighth in the list of the open era. Your condition of activist experienced is demonstrated by the fact that he has competed in 85 major tournaments, making it the leader overall among men and women.

Venus has also won 49 individual titles, with only her sister Serena in front. However, more than all this, there were serious cultural connotations for the success of Venus Williams. He was the first african-american woman in the open era to reach the number one spot in the WTA rankings.

As is the relationship and rivalry with Serena Williams Serena and Venus are emblematic of an era in women’s tennis. Together, the two sisters woke up interest in the women’s game. It all started in the year 1998, their first professional meeting.

Met in the second round of the Australian Open, with Venus at the top. The early years of their rivalry were dominated by Venus. In fact, until the beginning of 2002, Venus led her record of 5-1 face-to-face.

However, everything changed in 2002. Serena won the next six meetings between the two. This included five Grand Slam finals. Obviously, the sisters were ruling the roost in women’s tennis.

In 2005, Venus equalled the record by winning two games and getting to 7-7. At the end of the decade of 2000, their rivalry reached its main phase. This included the Wimbledon final 2008, won by Venus and described as a classical limit by John McEnroe.

However, with Venus getting older, Serena began to dominate the game soon. Venus, who led 10-9 in the direct confrontation in 2009, was only able to win one of their encounters correct within the next six years.

Currently, Serena leads head-to-head by 18-12. However, the two play extremely well together. They have won a total of 22 doubles titles, including 14 grand slams. They also have three olympic gold medals together.