Mother of Cristiano Ronaldo speaks of the rumorados conflicts with Georgina Rodriguez



The mother of Cristiano Ronaldo, Dolores Aveiro, has made clear he has no problem with his daughter-in-law Georgina Rodriguez, to react well to the stories that have re-emerged these days in the Portuguese press about the alleged tensions that would mark the treatment between the two most important women in the life of a footballer.

The rumors about the bad relationship that existed between the mother and the girlfriend of the star of Juventus date back to 2018. By then, Dolores left to follow Georgina on Instagram of the night to the morning and that gesture was interpreted as a signal that something is not going well between them.

Now Dolores has been commissioned to explain that everything was the fault of a failure “not intentional”, as you have defined it, caused by his clumsiness at the time of dealing with new technologies.

“My dear followers, if I have stopped to follow someone with whom I have a direct connection, has been by something strange, not intentional. As you know, not domino this and do not understand anything… If I follow my daughter-in-law and some more people, was, by an oversight. Stop making up stories, I’m not confronted with anyone (sic),” he explained in a press release published on the same platform and has been commissioned to write his daughter’s name.

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In reality, the mother of Cristianor is only has learned to post photos, and read comments in the virtual sphere, so it seems unlikely that you know the ‘manual of good manners’ of Instagram long enough to reach to the conclusion that unfollow Georgina would be a way to give back to the public.

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