Nicki Minaj reveals major details about her wedding with Kenneth Petty


What rapper is already ready to walk down the aisle?

Although at the beginning of their relationship, many were skeptical, Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty have shown a couple that are strong and stable, and are even ready to take the next big step, you get married!

In mid-2019, the rapper and his childhood friend did the paperwork needed to marry in a legal way, however, up to now still do not formalize their romance… But it is only a matter of time!

In a new interview with E! Newsthe interpreter Chun-Li gave a few juicy details about what we can expect for your big day, and who doesn’t.

Will it be soon? What wears a pompous white dress? When do you reach the children?

Watch the video and answer all of these questions!

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