Oh Alexa Dellanos showed your hobby in this quarantine!



Remember that Alexa and her mother, Mirka, are separated because of the quarantine and for both it is difficult to this situation so particular. Even the model on several occasions held that its mother is risking his life for telling the news and that the keeping people informed.

“She is always more affectionate with me. She is a special little girl, honestly. My little girl’s soul. She is not here, is in Puerto Rico then we are not together and obviously we are communicating constantly, but she was very anxious,” said the reporter with respect to his daughter with whom he has a great relationship. However, beyond that known to this context and the distance are not favorable, Mirka contends that the work carried on by Alexa in social networks, allows you to be able to relax and be united to his followers.


“Really I am quite quiet that she is well safe, is healthy, and that everything will be fine. Even so, the distance is real. It is difficult, I would like to have it living with me at my side as when I was a little girl. The strange always. But I saw a few weeks ago and we chatted all the time. Thanks to the networks”. Mirka now have a way to check that daughter is not only well but also is how to get distracted in this closure.


Alexa Dellanos