Photo Alexa Dellanos pulled the bikini to the delight of Instagram


The bikini pink Alexa Dellanos!, yes, surely this garment will be part of the dreams of many internet users after seeing the racy photo she shared on their social networks.

The beautiful daughter of Mirka Dellanos, bragged about her voluptuous curves in a tiny swimsuit that in case outside little, pulled him to delite of his followers.

In the picture you can see the model sitting on a rock and admiring the nature, but the green of the plants in the background was overshadowed by the boldness of the model by pulling on the bikini top.

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Look at the s3duct0ra photo of Alexa here.

The publication was shared last January 13 and exceeded the 80 thousand I Like, the hearts and compliments were a constant in photography.

Alexa currently share photos from your quarantine, has revealed in his social networking that is taking care of your health before the current pandemic coronavirus.

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On the other hand, has shared his concern for his mother, Mirka Dellanos, since she continues to be active by responding to your responsibility as a communicator to inform.

Gazing at pictures of both it is hard to believe that they are mother and daughter, it seems like a couple of beautiful sisters spending a little time entertaining.