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Since some weeks ago, the physical appearance of american actor has been deteriorated. Until the moment it is not known what is the reason for his apparent change.

The current appearance of the american actor Will Smith confirms that the passage of time does not forgive absolutely anyone. It does not matter if the person is wealthy or healthy or that it is the most famous in the world; the wrinkles, the gray hairs and the infirmities of age sooner or later arrive.

The famous actor, who until a few months ago it was nicknamed “the eternal child of Hollywood” has impressed lately to their followers and fans after being seen with some years of more.

So lucia is the actor in December 2019. Photo AFP

Fans of the protagonist of “In search of happiness” have seen as he has changed, almost suddenly, his physical appearance. And is that in several of the photographs and videos which the actor has shared his account of Instagram you will see with the drooping eyelids, with more gray hair and wrinkles and sagging skin.

The images that many make references to correspond to the characterization of a new character, nor is one of their hilarious jokes. In reality, they are evidence that it is growing older by leaps and bounds. What are the reasons? No one knows for sure.

The physical aspect of the actor of 51 years looks deteriorated. Photo Instagram @willsmith

Currently only speaks of age, of gray hair and a beard and the look of tired, nothing more.

Since some months ago it was suspected that the gallantry of Will was not the same, but recently, with the publications that have been shared on social networks, especially relating to the presentation of your clothing brand, ‘Bell Air Athletics’, the 51 years old actor were more in evidence.

Smith has not said what is the reason of his sudden old age. Photo Instagram @willsmith

Supporters of the artist say that during the premiere of “Bad Boys For Life 4”, a few weeks ago, Smith had a an appearance very different from now.

Since then, the image of the charismatic actor began to worry. Soon began to look for answers to try to explain why its premature aging.

In the wake of all the comments respects to this situation, the actor laughs and avoids talking about it. Apparently the change has only been physical, as the enthusiasm, energy and sense of humor remain intact in him.

His fans are eager to know the causes of their deterioration; they expect that from one moment to the other the actor to explain and to tell you the true reason of his sudden old age.