QUEEN LETIZIA | Queen fashionable sandals from Jimmy Choo and Selena Gomez and Beyonce will copy – Art


The past year was one of the best for the Queen in terms of style. Your top of feathers to go to the concert prior to the Awards Princess of Asturias, the kimonos that they used in their trip to Asia and a dreamlike dress from Carolina Herrera did that several tabloids elogiaran your style and you went up to the podium of the best-dressed, at the height of Kate Middleton. The latest trend introduced by the Queen is a pair of golden sandals by Jimmy Choo that Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Selena Gomez and Macarena Garcíase do not hesitate to buy after seeing how good that will feel to Letizia.

The Queen put on the footwear, baptized as Mistyfor the first time in march during a trip to Argentina, according to the magazine ‘Hello’. After the reused in Palma de Mallorca and Cuba during institutional events. It is a a couple of high heel and strap at ankle that enhances the figure.

Letizia drew a lot of attention when she attended the funeral of the infanta Pilar de Borbón. ‘The Daily Mail’ reported that the “pledge to be sober” that she chose was perfect for the occasion. The same media said that the King “seemed very pained” at the time that he accompanied his cousin, Fernando Gómez-Acebo. Media as ‘Daily Press’ describe it always as “amazingly successful” or “the queen of style”. Some German as Bunte the recognized “by your unique taste for fashion“. What is certain is that few media critics to our queen, and if ever they do, they tend to highlight that an error can have any.