Regrets Shawn Mendes cancel show


Shawn Mendes was forced to to cancel the concert that was scheduled for this Saturday in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Through its Twitter account, the singer of “Miss,” said that he regretted the situation, but not to cancel, your voice could be affected in the long term.

“Sao Paulo, I am sorry to have to tell you thisbut today I woke up with laryngitis and an unusual infection that caused the inflammation of my vocal cords.

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“I love you all so much and I apologize from the bottom of my heart, for I wish I could go to the stage tonight. I promise that requite the next time you go to South america. I love you,” wrote the musician.

From the moment I took off the carrerar of the handsome canadian he had not taken a break which was causing his body, is required by presenting itself as a disease, due to the constant use of their vocal cords.

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Shawn Peter Paul Mendes only 21 years of age and began to gain notoriety from the year 2013 when you started recording videos and by uploading them to the former platform known as “I came”.

Since 2014 he began to work by signing a contract for “Island Records” and it was not until 2015 that he released his first album, after almost five years of successes rotund Shawn begins to have resagos of their presentations.

The disease caused by the inflammation of the larynx, by infection, irritation or overuse of the same is called laryngitis, which within it are the vocal cords, these being the that are inflamed and it is impossible to the person to be able to speak well because of the sounds distort which causes the well-known “hoarse voice”, weak voice or loss of the same, there are several symptoms and each person is different.

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The treatment that should be is first to rest his voice, such is the case of Shawn I have sung in so long that your body asks you to stop, you must stay hydrated so you don’t feel dryness in the throat and taken antibiotics, although it is known that laryngitis you remove one after a week of rest.

Then, Shawn will have to rest for a minimum of one week, your girlfriend will have a job very pleasant to take care of your boyfriend for a whole week if you don’t have a lot of pending work she also.

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