Reveal scenes never-before-seen Jennifer Lopez as Selena Quintanilla


Jennifer Lopez played Selena Quintanilla (Photo: EFE/Warner Bros)
Jennifer Lopez played Selena Quintanilla (Photo: EFE/Warner Bros)

Upon the expiry of 25 years from its premiere in theaters, the movie “Selena,” about the life of the murdered queen of tex-mex, Selena Quintanilla, is re-released with material never seen until now, as two new musical numbers in charge of its protagonist, Jennifer Lopez, revealed the director of the film Gregory Nava.

At 71, the director of films such as “My family” and “The North” and writer of the award-winning film, “Frida”, still considers his work to bring to the cinema the story of the singer “the work more satisfying” he has given in his long career.

This week, we will give you another joy, because the version on the Blu-Ray format of the tape is being published within the “Archival Collection” of the studios Warner Bros, which has pulled out in that format, the so-called “cult movies” most recognized of its production, New Line Cinema/ Castle Rock Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer until 1986.

The singer was murdered 25 years ago (Photo: file)
The singer was murdered 25 years ago (Photo: file)

“It was always a historical movie, for many reasons, but now it’s official. The story of ‘Selena’ is the first latina in this collection, and your name and the name of Jennifer Lopez are now on the side of stars like Meryl Streep and Humphrey Bogart” stressed Nava in an interview from his home in the city of Santa Fe, in the southwest of the united States, where he has taken refuge from the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Although the recognition is more than welcome, Nava said that since they started making the film in 1996, the focus was always “counting with accuracy the life of Selena for fans”. In that sense, the fact that it remains one of the films latinos most tellers of the history of the united States, was the honor I was looking for because it shows that you did well. For that reason, gives a lot of emotion that you have kept the same goal to rewrite it today, and it declares that it is “proud” of all the material included on the DVD.

“We have two versions of the film. He was in the film and another extended version that was on television. There are two musical numbers that were not included in the first, in addition to more scenes of Selena small”, explained the filmmaker.

In addition, we have included two documentaries. One with interviews with Jennifer Lopez, who remember the project and reflects on the impact of the film in his career, Edward James Olmoswho played the dad of the artist, the own Nava and members of the Quintanilla family. The other, assesses the legacy of Selena. Nava is also “fascinated” with the quality of the image on the Blu-Ray. He stressed that “we did a great job,” and feel certain that fans will not have complaints.

The film launched to fame to the actress and singer (Photo: file)
The film launched to fame to the actress and singer (Photo: file)

The historical memory in Latin

When Nava and producers Moctezuma Esparza and Robert Katz decided to take forward, in conjunction with Quintanilla, the tape had not yet been fulfilled a year of the murder of Selena, who fell shot in 1995 at the age of 23 by Yolanda Saldivar, the former president of her fan club, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime.

It was a process “painful, because everything was very recent.” The fans still cried, and many questioned that have chosen a artist puerto rican to play a mexican artist american more loved by the public the north side of the border. Today, Selena Quintanilla is an icon in the history of the latino in the united States. His image adorns t-shirts, sportswear, purses, and there are even two lines of makeup in your honor, drawn to the market by MAC.

Their house label, Universal Music Latin Entertainment has announced the release of an album on a vinyl record with his greatest hits and his figure is in the wax museums of Madame Tussauds in the united States. That’s not to mention the impact on the career of Lopez, who is Nava still considered a worthy heir of Selena. When the new generations of latinos, who consume all of these products, the idea that you have of Selena comes from his music and the film of Nava, which is regularly transmitted on television.

Selena premiered a few months after the murder of the singer (Photo: Shutterstock)

Selena premiered a few months after the murder of the singer (Photo: Shutterstock)

“I feel that it is an example of how unique are the stories of latinos in the united States and the importance of that more and more of us that tell our stories. The film is the historical memory of many today and it is essential that we put an end to all the negative stereotypes that are being used to pintarnos,” he said. In addition, it insists that many urge to remember “that this was a Spanish-speaking country before being anglo and that we have been in every episode of the national history helping to create this nation. We have always been here”.

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