Reveal start of the history of the Yesterday’s Cut of ” Suicide Squad


With the excitement of the existence of the Yesterday’s Cut of Suicide Squadhave come to many revelations on the part of director David Ayer about what we have seen in his cut of the film. Now, the director shared that the tape originally had started with the origin story of Enchantress.

enchantress suicide squad

David Ayer went to your account Twitter to reveal that the plan was Suicide Squad it opened with a long introduction to the character of June Moon, better known as the Enchantress, and who was played by Cara Delevingne. The director cited a tweet in which a fan asked about the possible start of the film that was not seen in the final cut.

“What I appreciate about Suicide Squad of David Yesterday is that the government is really aware of the metahumanos now. And I love it. I think Suicide Squad it was meant to open with June Moon and a good three minutes devoted to its discovery as Enchantress. Am I correct?”.

To this question the fanatic, Yesterday replied the following:

“Yes, Enchantress / June Moon, bow more firmly in my court”.

With this statement, not only confirms the existence of the Yesterday’s Cut, but the director revealed that he would have given more meaning to the story of the villain main. In the tape, you just know that June Moon is an archeologist, accidentally acquires the powers of Enchantress, but in general, his story revolves more around the love interest of the character of Rick Flag.

enchantress suicide squad

This cut of the film is my court. There is not any kind of version of parallel universe of the film, the movie launched is my court.

This new revelation about a character who Yesterday would have wanted to present in a different way adds to the statement by the director of the approach that had the film originally. He had previously confessed that the character of Harley Quinn would work in a very different manner:

“The backbone of the Suicide Squad was the trip of a Harley. In many ways it was his movie. Her escape from her relationship with the Joker was the line emotional more important”.

It seems that David Ayer is revealing a lot of information about Suicide Squad not known that make us want to know more about your version of the movie. If fans of DC believe that they had enough on film to get release the Snyder Cut, it seems to be that they will now have to require that the release Yesterday Cut.

What do you think about the to know more of the history of Enchantress on Suicide Squad?