Rihanna celebrates 15 years in music and talks about The Navy


2020-05-25 20:30:07

Rihanna has thanked his fan base, The Navy, for their ongoing support, since their single debut ‘Pon de Replay’ turns 15 years old.

Rihanna has attained the age of 15 years in the music industry with a moving tribute to The Navy.

The superstar, 32 years old, went to Twitter to celebrate the release of his debut single, Pon de Replay ‘in 2005, while its base of fans went to social media to mark the milestone on the social networks with the hashtag # 15YearsOfRihanna.

The creator of hits ‘Rude Boy’ recalled how he was “shaking” as she waited to audition in front of the rap legend Jay-Z in the disc of Def Jam all those years ago.

And is excited by the “grateful” that he is about to have such a loyal following.

She wrote: “Thank you for all the love on this hashtag today!

“Man, this is crazy. I feel that yesterday was trembling in the corridors of Def Jam waiting to audition for Jay.

“Pon de Replay is where it all began … 15 years later and I’m here because God led me to you, and you I have been sustained, supported, tolerated, loved, kept it too real with me , and we are always connected by that.

“I love you Marina, and I appreciate that.

“I’m very grateful to have been gifted with my fans and my family. I G4L (Gangster for life)! (Sic)”

The publication of the anniversary occurs after that Rihanna joked with The Navy that “lost” his LP as expected, “R9”.

The successful ‘Diamonds’ took to Instagram to share a clip of herself in the garden by turning a pair of their new sunglasses range of sunglasses your brand Fenty’s Off the Record to promote the new line, and their fans soon flocked to the comments section to demand to drop the record.

When one asked: “WHERES THE ALBUM (sic)”, Rihanna replied: “What I lost”, and added the emoji shrugging his shoulders.

And when another said: “do NOT LET THIS ALBUM”, she replied: “Navy, who to blame here. Watch (sic)”.

Last month, the star Down and told his fans to stop harassing you for the new music while she’s “trying to save the world.”

The singer and fashion designer, who has not released a studio album since ‘Anti’ of 2016, has donated over $ 8 million dollars to various causes during the pandemic of Covid-19 and told the fans that he is working in the philanthropy in place of the music in this time.

Speaking during a Instagram Live, he said to his fans: “If one of their mothers asked me questions about the album again when I try to save the world, unlike all of you … vision.”

Rihanna and the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey donated $ 4.2 million to help victims of domestic violence in Los Angeles during the pandemic.

The creator of hits ‘Work’ and its Foundation Clara Lionel joined forces with Jack to send the huge sum to the Fund of the Mayor to “address an increase in domestic violence” in Los Angeles during the blockade of the coronavirus.

Both the CLF as Jack donated $ 2.1 million each and the money “will allow the Background of Mayors for Los Angeles to provide 10 weeks of support to victims of domestic abuse, including shelter, meals and counseling to individuals and their children.”

Meanwhile, Rihanna previously announced that his Foundation Clara Lionel will award $ 5 million in grants to people working against Covid-19 in the first line, and she and Jay-Z followed with another $ 1 million each to fight the coronavirus.

The $ 2 million will help support the undocumented workers, incarcerated, elderly, and homeless people, and to the children of health care workers and first responders, both in Los Angeles and in the city of New York.

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