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The music industry, this party for the singer Rihanna he is celebrating his first fifteen years of artistic career, which has become one of the most successful thanks to the incredible impact that his songs have had an important popularity lists.

Last Sunday, the hashtag #15YearsOfRihanna it became a trend of the social networks thanks to their faithful fans, who wanted to remember the 24 of may of 2005 and was premiered “Pon de Replay”the first single from Rihanna, which became immediately a hit.

The famous singer and businesswoman of origin barbadense wanted to thank you for all the support he has received from his loyal fans with an emotional message that is shared through their social networks, in which ensures you feel very proud of all that you have accomplished in fifteen years.

Rihanna celebrates 15 years of successful musical career.

Rihanna debuted musically with Pon de Replay

“#15YearsOfRihanna Thank you for all the love on this hashtag today! Looks like it was just yesterday when I was trembling in the corridors of Def Jam waiting to audition for Jay-Z,” wrote Rihanna.

Rihanna celebrates 15 years of successful musical career.

The singer said that “Pon de Replay”, a song that belongs to his first studio album entitled “Music Of The Sun”, is the pillar of his entire musical career and that all that he has accomplished has been thanks to its fans, who over fifteen years have supported her unconditionally.

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“Pon de Replay” is the first single that launched Rihanna to the market, which managed to obtain incredible success on his debut in the second position of the Billboard Hot 100, since then and until now has managed to put 14 songs in the first position of this list in addition to being the female singer with the largest diffusion on the platform of Spotify.

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