Salma Hayek and her brother are almost twins and this picture is the proof


Salma Hayek and her younger brother, Sami, are rarely seen together in public, but when they do, people immediately realize that you are family. The actress, 53 years old, honored his brother in the National Day of the Brother with a sweet tribute on the social networks. “Oh, today is the day of the brother in the united States, which is where my angel Sami!”, shared. “¡¡Happy day to you my brother!!! ¡I love you!!”. Their loving words were accompanied by a colorful photo of the two, which shows how much they look alike.

salma hayek brother©@salmahayek
Salma and her brother Sami

The star of Like A Boss literally fills his brother with love in the photo, which shows his incredible resemblance. However, Sami gets photo credit, as originally shared this beautiful post for the 53 birthday of Salma. “Sister, you have a fantastic and colorful birthday number 53,” he wrote to him at that time. “What a joy to share this life as your brother, much love and gratitude,” he added.

Salma and Sami, who is six years younger, they share a special bond. His only brother bears the name of his father, Sami Hayek Dominguez. In spite of their schedules conflicting (Hollywood called Salma, while the elegant designer furniture occupies the time of Sami), the couple makes sure to stay in the life of the other.