Salma Hayek is regarded as one of the women most rich and powerful


Salma Hayek, 53 years old, today woke up to the news that he is considered as one of the richest women in the Uk, place where resides currently, because according to a middle Englishyour fortune amounts to more than 184 billion pesos.

According to what was published ‘The Sunday Times’, the veracruzana has accumulated large profitsthanks to that, he worked for several years in the mecca of cinema (Hollywood), and others have had the vision of become in entrepreneur of fashion and producerso that has been known to invest your money very well.

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Have even taken into account that she is married with the French businessman Rancois-Henri Pinault, who also has a great fortune; since I married him, has dedicated a full the world of design. Usually be on the front row of all the parades important, and is a friend to all designers on-trend.

Salma Hayek Husband Francois-Henri Pinault

In the above-mentioned listSalma deals with the sixth placevery above the Queen Elizabeth IIwho would imagine that was one of the richest due to position in the royaltyand to know that the family it has great fortunes.

This is the list of the richest women in England:

1. Kirsten Rausinghis fortune amounted to 12.1 billion pounds (339 billion pesos).

2. Charlene de Carvalho-Heinekenwith 10.3 billion pounds (about 288 billion pesos).

3. Marit Rausing 9.6 billion pounds (269 trillion pesos).

Richest women in the world TOP

6. Salma Hayek with 6.6 billion pounds (184 billion pesos).

48. Rihanna with 468 million pounds (12 billion pesos).

66. Queen Elizabeth IIwith 350 million pounds (10 billion pesos).

Rihanna Queen Elizabeth England

It should be recalled that some days ago, the daughter of Salma he also appeared in the list of the children more and more rich from United Kingdombecause , according to what has been published, the small has a fortune of 275 million pesos.

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