Salma Hayek strikes a bikini and caftan transparent


The high temperatures they feel more and more. And so, as we begin to see our celebrities look the most relaxed in the most beautiful, as the beach. And despite the fact that the season of bikinis is about, our favorite style, Salma Hayek hit yesterday with a picture in bikini and looking wonderful as always: the natural.

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After you wish him a happy Sunday to his followers, Salma shared a series of four photos, where it looks more relaxed and happy in front of the sea. In these photoswe see Hayek use a caftan of leopard transparent that let see part of your daring silhouette, which we love because it inspires us wanted to throw the gym and that diet they both cost us.

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The bottom of the caftan, Salma left to see a black bikini with neckline in tríangulo and braga style tanga. If you are a woman outgoing, perhaps a bikini this style is indicated, if not, the best thing is that you tilt for a swimsuit full, which sure will make you look good and you will feel more comfortable. If that weren’t enough, Salma posed without a drop of makeup and with your hair uncombed and left to see their hair broken, and a little esponjada by the moisture the sea.

It should be remember that this is not the first time we see Salma to wear a bikini or a bathing suit. Already a few weeks ago, the actress veracruzana, shocked his followers with a photo without makeup and wearing a swimsuit full.

In addition, in a recent interview, the veracruz also stated that he has gained weight but that has not stopped her to look like him plasca. In the interview he stated: “I prefer to see me sexy that way,” this as a response to the harsh criticism by a blue dress with white that led to the award of the Golden Globes.

Are you already ready for the beach?