Salma Hayek supports the national strike convened by the mexican women


The Day of the Woman Worker it was a cry in the demonstrations of the streets, but also in the social networks where artists, models, singers and actresses raised his voice for the equalityan act who joined the mexican actress Salma Hayek, who on Monday, 9 march 2020 joins the national strike of women in Mexico.

The actress gave the Sunday 8 of march a talk on London in the Foundation’s Caring, which helps vulnerable families at risk of exclusion, who also attended the singer Rita Ora, where the protagonist of ‘Frida’ he talked about the rights of women in a room filled with, as highlighted in the social network, “inspiring women”.

At the end of the day, Salma Hayek launched a message support the national strike convened by feminist groups for this Monday by mexican women, in addition, to require the Government actions against the gender-based violencein a country in which, according to the statistics, an average of ten women are killed every day.

“I know that today I have been very active on Instagram, but tomorrow is not what I play, tomorrow no work, tomorrow I don’t buy, I fight of Mexican women to combat the femicide. Happy International women’s day”, he wrote in a message on a red background actress.

Cara Delevinge, Eva Green, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Watts, Natalie Portman, and many more honored in Instagram to all those women that have made them grow as people.

But also launched messages full of energy in favor of equality as the Delevinge, who stressed their support to the campaign Girl Up that promotes the equality of gender, or of Natalie Portman that highlights the “collage” of covers that Time magazine with women who “changed history”.

The Spanish actress Penelope Cruz also launched a message to celebrate the Day of the Woman in which he made reference to the program Write Her Future, “that makes it possible for access to the education for young women in extremely difficult situations”, he explained on Instagram.