Selena Gomez prepares reality show food



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Selena Gomez has shown that has many talents, whether throwing a disc, in which he recounts the dark moments of your life or creating a line of makeup with the that seeks to “redefine the concept of beauty”. On this occasion, the singer and actress added another experience to your resume with a program kitchen, which will be issued by the streaming platform HBO Max and each episode will feature a guest chef.

After spending a long time in the kitchen during the quarantine, Selena Gomez announced the television program Untitled Cooking Project (cooking project without owner), which will be released this summer and will feature 10 episodes that will invite a chef is different to know of the various culinary cultures.

“I’ve always talked a lot about my love for food. I think that I have been asked hundreds of times in interviews about what you would do if you had another career, and I answered that it would be fun to be a chef,” said Selena Gomez during the presentation of the format

“As many of us at home, now I’m cooking more and experimenting,” said the singer.

In addition, each issue will be devoted to a charitable organization whose activity is related to the food supply, added HBO Max.

“We are thrilled to have Selena Gomez in our initial catalog of HBO and Max and see their adventures in the kitchen while you, like many of us, tries to improve their culinary skills during the quarantine,” said the director of original content HBO Max, Sarah Aubrey.

This is not the first time that Gomez engages in the business of television, as has previously been the producer of the documentary Living Undocumentedand the hard reality of undocumented immigrants in the united States. In addition, he also produced the series from Netflix 13 Reasons Why.

HBO Max is the streaming platform that the giant of the entertainment WarnerMedia launched in may 2020 to compete with Netflix and the new services Disney+ and Apple TV+. It will cost 14.99 dollars a month in the united States.